Wednesday, December 15, 2010

wakey wakey + a silly sneaky peeky

haven't been sleeping all the way thru the nite lately.
one early morning woke up about 230ish, had to go to the bathroom (like i do every 3 hours or so).
usually i go right back to sleep...
but that morning...
so blogged surfed for 2 hrs.
then early this morning 'round 4ish...
same thing.

just checked out ali edwards & eve johnson's (evalicious) blogs.
love them.
definitely gonna have to buy something from evalicious.
she's got some cool @55 stuff!


just wanted to share a quick sneaky peeky of what's coming this friday on ScrapTiffany blog....

i may have to post my reveal a day early b/c we'll be on a plane for the holidays.
so make sure you come back soon!

now i'm getting tired and sleepy...
but sheez...
i gotta wake up soon!

happy hump day!

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