Monday, December 6, 2010

95% girlie + 5% girlie =

all girlie!!!!
sorry babez, the 5% is definitely on the pink side!

had my ob appointment today.
got some ultrasound pix to share.
when i got home, i kept saying,
she's so pretty!
you're so pretty!
had some major tears in my eyes too.
sniff sniff.

she is healthy and weighs 1 pound now.
by now she is 7 inches tall.

here are some 4d pix...
she is rubbing her face and nose in these...

in this one you can see her arm raising up...

two more (sorry there's a black thick line, but you can still get a good look of her)...

she was moving the whole time during all this.
she's a dancer, i tell ya!

i love you my lil precious baby girl. 


Katie said...

awww. thanks for sharing these pics of her. hope you are well!

Anonymous said...

Cannot wait to see my niece!!!!


Anonymous said...

/a wonderful lil miracle
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny, It's so good to see your precious baby & just moving along and looks well..thank you for sharing your journey in your second time around being a healthy mommy..God Bless you & the rest of your loves ones..

Tita Lily & Tito Cal