Saturday, March 6, 2010

he's back!

my hubz that is, after a month in school! he got in yesterday around 2 p.m.!  yey-yah!

i had a bizy day yesterday...
  • dropped off da parents @ the airport
  • waited a few hours at the airport for da hubby
  • went back home to pick up our daughter, maiya
  • had dinner at New Sushi & Teriyaki, had me some beef udon soup, one of my favez
  • headed back to seatac area, southcenter mall and dropped maiya off w/ her dad's fiancee
  • chilled and had a mojito cubano and da hubz had a blue moon at Bahama Breeze
  • went home and hit traffic
  • got back around 9ish and crashed
he just finished washing the cars a few minutes ago so i'm off to have a yumm-o snack, cupcakes with cream cheese frosting with some red suga crystals.  yey-yah!

 have a great saturday!

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