Thursday, June 12, 2014

what happened to may?


it's already june!

i never posted anything else since our trip to alyeska.

well here i am...
me & my girls are on vacay in WA with fam.
behind on uploading photos again.
i was caught up but since on vacay fell off of it.
and on my project life and scrapbooking.

been so focused on teaching zumba lately...
and taking zumba while on vacay + yoga.
it was time for a break from AK anyway.
nice to just do whateva, sleep in a bit, and do whateva.

so far vacay has been great...aaaaahhhh....

yoga tonight and zumba tomorrow night.
then saturday is our bbq party here at my sis's.
then the next morning we take a trip to newport, OR.
so excited about that.
can hardly wait.

don't know if i'll be sharing any photos since i've been doing it all on FB.

but here's a couple of pages i've done in the past that i have forgotten to share...

have a good one!

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