Thursday, October 4, 2012

10.03 miles & 3 more dayz!

i haven't blogged in so long!
bad girl bad girl bad girl!
just been pre-occupied w/ personal stuff.
and honestly i just havent been in the mood for the online world too much except for my fb of course.
even then i just take a peek or put an update on my training for the marathon.

guess what?
i reached 10.03 miles on 9/22/2012:

i could not believe i did that much!
am i ready for a half marathon?
we'll see...

and speaking of marathons...
my 10K marathon (Santa Monica 5000) is coming up in 3 dayz!!!!!
i'm so excited!
will post photos laterz!
i can hardly wait!

in the future i'll be posting some cards i made for some past birthdays.
sheez i need to scrap some layouts.
i'm long due!
plus i've been have the scrappin itch lately.

well until whenevaz...

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