Friday, June 1, 2012

june play forward

oh yes i'm gonna play again...
it's da 1st day of june...

today's photo...

she 1st sleeps in her bassinet about 6-7 hours straight or maybe more...
then maybe about 4 a.m.-ish...we're too tired...
so she ends sleeping with us.
she'll grow out of it eventually..
maiya did.

oh yeah here's the june fat mum slim photo-a-day gig:

it's been hot hot hot since yesterday!
today as well.
so us girly girlz are gonna head to the pool after we pick up maiya from school.
then hubby is gonna make some buffalo & teriyaki wings and pizza for dinna.
oh whatta friday!

tomorrow we're heading over to the beach.
which one?
i have no idea.
but that's the plan.
well kinda like a plan.

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