Monday, March 7, 2011


a few more dayz and my hubby will be back home!


and to start this monday right off, here's a few photos from the past few dayz...

2/25, balloons from my baby shower:

2/26, lil boo camping out in the living room w/ fresh, clean blankets and a lil roof to top it off:

2/27, doing homework in advance, getting ahead of the class:

2/28, a lil twist on a grilled cheese sandwich, used sun-dried tomato rustic bread, oh yumm-o:

3/1, beautiful sky even on a cloudy late afternoon:

3/2, at my ob appointment, waiting, waiting:

3/3, the cutest baby clothes that i got from my baby shower one of my neighbor's hosted:

3/4, a sample of the thank you card i made for my baby shower's host and guests:

3/5, oopsies, missed this day for a photo, oh well!

3/6, some of my other preggo cravings, some citrus yummies, clementines and grapefruit:

a few exciting things coming up this month...
a nice homecoming...
an 2nd wedding anniversary....
and then one of our lil one'z coming home for spring break.


have a good one!

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Renee said...

Congrats, Jennifer, on your upcoming anniversary and other family happenings! Thanks for sharing your baby shower with us! Oh, the card that you made was adorable, too!