Friday, February 26, 2010

sweet tooth

ever since my wedding i've been having a major sweet tooth for.....ta-da.....


here's a wedding sweet treat:
 my friend, veronica helped decorate them with deep red carnations.  i made the little heart stix, just a heart punch, glue and store bought stix from michael's.  they really made them extra yummy!

my daughter & i made some cupcakes last weekend with cream cheese frosting, yumm-o!  i tried to find the red cake mix but wal-mart didn't have it so we used food coloring instead. it didn't turn out as red as we liked, but that didn't stop us from eating these sweeties.

i think i ate 5  that day! but hey i don't usually eat sweets, so it's all good.

happy friday folks! i'm off to do some form of scrapping...maybe just blog hop or actually do an lo!

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