Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sharing is they say...

Merry Xmas everyone!  woohoo!  it's xmas eve! r u gonna open presents tonite or tomorrow? we usually do it xmas eve..but i had to work and so we are having our family festivities tomorrow at noon and then eat some grub. i'm cooking wild rice, mushroom and sausage soup and some rice pudding. da hubz is cooking some lasagna, the rest of my clan is coming over with their own dish of secretz.  can hardly wait coz it's so much fun. wonder what i got for xmas? hmmmm...

well here is sumthin sumthin to close for 2nite....made this w/ some bad girls kit from mar. '09. i'm no longer a member of theirs, it got a little bit too expensive, beautiful kits but it was breaking my banks.

this one is of my 2 girlz sharing french bread, one of their favez 2 eat:

and yes da detailz that also count for the holidays:

have a happy happy joy joy one ya hear!

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