Monday, October 26, 2009

I have been away, but now I'm back!

Hi everyone! It's been way too long! I think the last post i did was back in July. I've just been busy with wedding plans. Our wedding just happened this past Saturday, October 24, 2009. And boy! it was so much fun! everything went so smoothly and least that's how I saw it! Everyone had so much fun, especially my husband! Once I get some wedding pix, I'll post them here.

I created quite a few things for our wedding and that's why I haven't posted and blogged in awhile. I wanted to wait until after the wedding. I've been on vacation since Thursday, but now I"m really on vacation. Tomorrow we leave for our honeymoon to Hawaii. my 1st time ever and I'm so excited. I'm even more excited because it's gonna be with my soulmate, Jesse. Gosh I love this man...

Here is what I did for the wedding:

These are layouts I did that was scattered throughout the reception, welcoming table, etc.

This one is my all time favorite one:

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