Sunday, August 12, 2012

highlights pls

no...not for my hair...heehee...
but stuff so far that happened this month.
hmmm maybe i should do something like this every month.
we'll see how it goes...

anywayz, here's a few....

orthodontist checkup for maiya...
checking on progress...
and she's ready for braces.
she'll be getting them tomorrow.

i love this burger from yardhouse...

las vegas....
swimming at the paris hotel pool,
walk the nightlife,
m & m's world,
and the eiffel tower....

last friday for dinner we discovered a new resto...
the thai
good food and a yumm-o dessert of coconut ice cream & fried banana....

and we added an new addition to the familia....
....stella... our beagle-chihuahua mix
she is a lil over a yr old...
she is already comfy w/ us.
i can see her with us for a long time.
we love her so much already....

also yesterday i beat my PB (personal best)!!!!
ran 6.80 miles!
gotta reach 7 next time!

gotta work on the speed...
maybe today on the treadmill?
we'll see how it goes.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

se7en dayz

pretty cool w/ the title huh?
actually got it from the movie se7en.

anyway, sharing for the past se7en dayz worth of photos...

"outside" on my early morning walk
did 1.37 miles.
so boo-ti-ful!

"one" mango mojito at the yardhouse
this was right before my fave, the peppered gorgonzola burger.
i seem to always want to order something different when i go there.
but, always always go back to the burger.
it's sooooo yumm-o!

selene is such a lucky baby
and we are lucky to have her in our lives.

"somewhere i sat"
w/ my baby boo watching the priest movie and having some lunch...

he is the "underarmour man"
he's got galorez of ua stuff!

"writing" about love...
maiya is always helpful.
she was like mom i can write for you so you can take a picture.
so cute...

"8 o'clock"
a few minutes before selene woke up this a.m.
she always has "crazy hair"
always getting into bizness not of her own of course.

it's gonna be a busy one today....

  • laundry
  • vacuum
  • clean up the house
  • hopefully scrap a card
  • pack for vegas (we're leaving sometime this afternoon!)

we'll see how it goes!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

he is 29 yesterday

yesterday was my bro's 29th birthday.
and i'm so happy he is getting his life in gear.
he just bought his own car and fixed the lil damage it had w/ the help of my bro-in-law.
he is now saving up for his own place.
"i think he's got it now!"

here's the card i made for him and mailed out a bit late...
but we did manage to send him an amazon e-gift card before then...

made this using the july 2012 cocoa daisy kit.
from stash:  sharpie pen/marker, ek success, martha stewart punches.
i just love the dotted line border punch from ek success, pretty versatile.
i have been using it on the masculine cards i make.

got more cards to make.
lots of birthdays coming up.
2 more this month and about 5 next month.
i betta get crackin'!
sheez...time time time!